Well howdy! Just a blurb about the face behind the camera!

As you know already my name is Jariam, and i'm a Austin native! Yep! Born and raised here! I know it is a very rare find around here isn't it? Any who, a very brief intro into why I got into photography and why specifically high school seniors and college grads. First and foremost I asked for a camera for my 16th birthday instead of a car, like any normal teenager would do right? It became a quick hobby and was photographing my friends and their horses, and pretty soon my equestrian friends asked me to do their senior photos. Pretty much from there I just gravitated towards doing seniors and found a spark for it. Also I never had senior photos myself so I wanted to offer it to others. So i've been photographing seniors for a little over 10 years now!

Anyways! Enough of my photography backstory, here are some fun things about me and activities & interests when i'm not photographing! Photography isn't my full time job but I work full time in IT and love it! Photography is just my side hustle & I love it just as much if you can't tell! I absolutely love iced chais and boba, i'm always looking for new spots to try (and may or may not secretly judge a place by their chais, which I always get iced no matter if its freezing out). When I say I love literature I mean it, my favorite genres are primarily sci fi/fantasy, fiction and historical fiction. I'm a nerd. Another interesting fact that sometimes surprises people is that I'm absolutely fascinated by the paranormal. When I was 12 my father told me about an experience he had while living in a house and I was immediately hooked! Something about watching paranormal shows and listening to first hand accounts is so cool & hearing the history about an old building/place is so cool! I will never say no if you ask me to go on a ghost tour!

If you can't find me immersed in all my hobbies of reading, watching a new series on tv, doing hand embroidery, or hanging out and being social, you can find me out at the barn where I ride at. I currently half lease a horse named Tio who I absolutely adore! (you may see me post stories of him on my ig page) This is a childhood dream come true of "owning" a horse. If I told 7 year old me that I have a horse, I don't think she would believe it. This has been part of my life and such a fun sport to be involved in!